Technology Law (2): Internet Law and Public Policy

example graphic We are facing legal challenges from a new era of the Internet of Things

After observing the internet, one of the fathers of the internet Dr. Vinton G. Cerf said, “Virtual and real worlds will merge. Virtual interactions will have real world consequences. Control of the electrical grid and power generation systems could be made to appear to be part of a virtual environment in which actions in the virtual space affect actions in the real space.”
Current robots have difficulty understanding unstructured environments due to the inherent diversity and unpredictability of phenomena in the real world. However, new developments like ubiquitous computing, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and next-generation internet technologies will make it easier for networked robots to get structured information about their physical environment. For China’s 12th Five- Year Plan (2011-2015), establishing domestic cloud computing and the “Internet of Things Industry” is part of the objectives of its Seven Strategic Emerging Industries Plan. It will bring strong impact for the development of Networked Robotics in China, for example smart houses, intelligent transportation, automated logistic, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and analyze the technical and legal risks for Networked Robotics technology.


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