Legal Visualization

example graphic "Outlines of Legal Structures" http://jusletter-it.weblaw.ch/visualisierung

The trends of legal informatics arise in international conferences, such as ICAIL in JURIX and IRIS. The transition from the natural language of people into everyday life jargon of professional people is an important issue, which can be seen in the conference proceedings of JURIX.
The kid's book “Do you know about Law?” by Caroline Walser Kessel offers the opposite way. She imparts her intensive and reflected law knowledge to children and young people and tries to arose the curiosity for the logic and concepts of law. The book was published by Weblaw.
This new methodological approach is the basis for a series of legal visualizations that deal in a whole new way with the structures of law: http://jusletter-it.weblaw.ch/visualisierung.html
As a team we are trying to create new representations and visualisations of the law in Chinese and English version for a broader audience. The colour reduction should highlight that coloured visualizations are part of the long tradition of developing pictographic script, which is far from finalized.


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